Easy Crochet Little Girl Summer Top Free Crochet Pattern – Video

This Crochet Little Girl Summer Top is easy and cool for little kids to wear directly or over a under shirt, a great combination with jean skirt or shorts. If you are looking for crochet thin coat or cardigan for your outwear. The Harper Cardigan is for sure one of the best choice for ladies no matter as casual or work outfit. They can be flattering over tees and dresses. Cardigan is a must have timeless piece for ladies including little ones that become wardrobe staples. This is a pattern for a child crochet top. Your little one will look adorable in this whimsical swing top, perfect for those hot summer months! A nice project for beginners with video to guide you through. The pattern covers three different sizes for 2, 4 ,6 years old respectively with some tips to help you make this top in any size.

Click the link below for the free crochet pattern and video:

Little Girl Summer Top by By Katerina