Crochet Baby Converse Booties Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Crochet these cute Baby Converse Booties for crib babies to keep them feet warm and watch them walk through the new challenge, and you will love these Crochet Nike Style Baby Sneaker Booties Free Crochet Pattern to keep them in style. If you love to crochet some house slippers for your family, you will love to check out Crochet Women Slippers Shoe Patterns Round Up. With kids getting in touch with trends at a much earlier age nowadays, it is better you get them familiar to DIY alternatives. Trying to find a proper soft shoes for little feet is not easy, especially when you want them to wear the same sneaker brands as parents do. Crochet baby sneakers and booties are a perfect choice as crib shoes for the little walkers.

Click the link below for the free crochet pattern:

Baby Converse by Suzanne Resaul


Click the link below for the video tutorial with English pattern subtitle:

Converse ALL STAR Baby Booties By Kristina Crochet